Game Night 

5:00 to 9:00 PM

6:00 PM


Hope you all  had a very Happy Easter.

What a great meeting we had last month, a total of 53  friends
attended to hear from Deputy Merry.  He told us some interesting
things to think about and explained to us many things we need to be
aware of.  All in all it was an eye opening talk, our thanks go out to
the Deputy.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, April 19 at 6:00 PM at the
Sandpiper.  Please remember to  We have
spoken to the "powers" at the Sandpiper and FINALLY we will now be
able to order off of the menu, no more limited choices.  We listened
to you and we were able to make it happen, THANK YOU for your input,
its very important, and we do want to hear from you.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 28.  We will be having another
Pot Luck/Game Night at the 2020 Building in Kings Point from 5-9.  We
will be passing around a list at our meeting for you to let us know
what food you will be bringing to share.  Also we will need to know
who is coming from outside of Kings Point so we can have you listed at
the gate for entrance.

Friday, June 8 is Pride Night at the Rays.  We had a nice group attend
last year. It is always a nice evening to take a trip to the ballpark,
see our Rays in action, have a hotdog and just enjoy each others
company.  We will need to get a count at the meeting to see who may be
interested in going this year. Lower level tickets are $30 ($55 Value)
and each ticket includes a Rays Pride Hat (with the bill in Rainbow
Colors)  and a portion of each ticket sold will benefit LGBT
non-profits in the Tampa Bay community.

We need an event for MAY, get your thinking caps on and lets get
something scheduled at our April meeting.  Tell us what you want us to
do and we will attempt to make it happen.

Please remember to visit our website at and reach out and bring some new
friends with you to the next meeting, they will thank you for inviting

See you on the 19th!!
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April 19th 


A list will be passed around at the meeting for food and attendance.  


Up Coming Activities



South Shore Diversity Group



2020 Building in

Kings Point

Sandpiper Grill, Sun City Center 


April 28th



Please send all RSVP's to the following email address:  rsvpdiversity@yahoo.comIn your RSVP, you must specify which event and how many attendees