Please send all RSVP's to the following email address:  rsvpdiversity@yahoo.comIn your RSVP, you must specify which event and how many attendees






Hope you and your families are doing well, staying safe and healthy.

We  just wanted to catch up with everyone, to let you know of course that
we are all still in quarantine as much as we can be like everyone else.

Some people have reached out just to keep in touch and we feel that is very
important, so if you have not heard from anyone in a while please just pick
up the phone or email someone now, it will brighten their day were sure.  We
all need to be there for each other. 

So we came up with and idea for the May 2020 meeting. We thought it would
be good for all of us to join a virtual meeting in ZOOM. We know it will not be 
the same, however it will be safer for all of us until we can resume our old routine. 

ZOOM is very easy to use and down load on your computer or your phone whichever one you will be using, if you already have it then your ahead of the game, good for you.

It is free, no cost.

So we will set up a meeting in ZOOM for May 18th 2020 and send out an invite, 
all you need to do after down loading the app is to accept the invite when it comes in and sign into ZOOM the day and time of the meeting.  You will join using the meeting number  and password that will be supplied on the invite.  We will have some hiccups at the start but we will all get the hang of it.  Now if you don't have a camera do not worry, you can still join by phone which is just as good, as long as we are in communication with each other, that is the solution to isolation, don't you agree.

Please know you are not obligated to join so if you do not want an invite sent to you, please send an email to to let us know. 

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at again it will be very nice to hear from you.  If you have anything that we can add to the Diversity web site such as pictures, good information etc. please feel free to submit it to us.

If there are any new members please supply your email address so that we can send you the monthly reminder, also if their are any changes to email addresses or phone numbers that we already have kindly let us know, it will be kept top secret. 

Please stay safe and healthy and look out for each other, we are all in this together. 

Don't forget to visit our web site at for any updates on activities or events.  We will still be updating the calendar even though nothing is going on now. 

Everyone should know that Alpha Pizza House is open for take out with 

a full menu, just call and they will bring it out to the car to you. 





Due to obvious circumstances there

will be no up coming

Events or Activities

Please see the May greeting below for all details of this month's and future activities.