Due to obvious circumstances there

will be no up coming

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Monday July 20th, 2020 

Please send all RSVP's to the following email address:  rsvpdiversity@yahoo.comIn your RSVP, you must specify which event and how many attendees



7:00 PM 

Hope this message finds you healthy and somewhat happy.

Believe it or not here is July and with the 4th on Saturday we want 
to wish you a wonderful day filled with fun and fireworks.  Don't forget
to stay safe by wearing your masks and keeping your social distancing. 

Well there is not much to report as you know the news is still bad and on 
some days worse, remember to walk away from the TV, Radio, Computer 
every once in a while to give your mind and ears a break.  

The Zoom meeting will be held on July 20th at 7:00 pm, if you missed last month's you missed a lot of fun, we played games and just spoke with one another for over an hour, so if you can please join us, whether by Zoom or just phone.  The information to get on to the meeting will be supplied at least a week

Happy Birthday to the July babies, enjoy your month.  

Well that should do it for now, keep those in mind who are alone and those who are having a hard time with all this isolation, place a call or write an email, it will make you and the person receiving the salutations feel better than you realize. 

Again Happy 4th of July!!!

Take Care



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Please see the July  greeting below for all details of this month's and future activities.