Hello Friends!


Our next meeting will be on Thursday, July 19 at 6:00 PM at the
Sandpiper.  Please remember to rsvpdiversity@yahoo.com so we can
inform the Sandpiper how many of us to expect.  Thank you. We had many
new visitors join us last month to which we say "WELCOME".

The next scheduled Bowling will take place on Thursday July 26 at 1:00
PM. Again it will be at The Alley on Big Bend Road, hope to see you
there, it is a fun time.  If you don't want to bowl, come cheer on the
ones who are bowling.

Saturday, July 28 is our next game night, from 5-9 in the 2020
Building in Kings Point.  We will decide at our meeting if we want to
have this either as a Pot Luck Night or just snacks.  Let us know your
thoughts and we can make that happen.  Remember we will need your name
for the Gate if you are planning on attending, which we will collect
at the next meeting.  It's always a fun night, try to join us.

Wednesday, August 1 the Group has been invited to attend a Gay Mingle
at Ricky's in Apollo Beach from 6-9 PM.  Cyndi Burger, who attended
our meeting last month, presents a show which highlights her singing
songs we are all familiar with.  For those who have never been to
Ricky's, they are a very gay accepting place and they are only a few
minutes from our area.  Hope to see you all there and be sure to tell
Cyndi you are from the Diversity Group.

Please remember to visit our website at
www.southshorediversitygroup.org to keep up to date on our

See you at the meeting and bring your thoughts for future events.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

2020 Building in 

Kings Point 





July 19th  


Diversity Meeting  

Sand Piper, Sun City

Alley on  Big Bend Road


July 26th



July 28th  


See below for details. 


Game Night

1:00 PM  

Bowling Day

6:00 PM 

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please see below for additional information.  

Head count for pot luck, snacks and drinks will be worked out at the meeting on July 19th 2018.  

Please send all RSVP's to the following email address:  rsvpdiversity@yahoo.comIn your RSVP, you must specify which event and how many attendees


Gay Mingle 


August 1st


Ricky's in Apollo Beach 

Up Coming Activities

Please see the July greeting below for all details of activities.