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Hello everyone,

Starting this month I (Rick Angerame) have taken over the 

clerical duties for the group. If email addresses or phone numbers 

have changed please send them to the RSVP email address below. 

With that said I hope this month's update cheers you up a little.  

Spring Is In The Air,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
There is really nothing to report except that in these
times we all need to take care of ourselves and find
enjoyable things to do to keep our selves occupied such as
walking, running, biking, cleaning the house, loving your family
and pets, playing games and enjoying the wonderful weather
that just came into our lives.

Unfortunately we will not be having the Diversity Dinner meeting
this month or planning any activities that might have been on our
agenda.  Hopefully if things change to a more positive norm we will
reconvene next month in order to see your wonderful faces and give

hugs of love.

Everyone should know that Alpha Pizza House is open for take out with 

a full menu, just call and they will bring it out to the car to you. 

Take care and don't forget to visit our website at to keep up to date on our activities.   






Up Coming Activities

Please see the April  greeting below for all details of this month's and future activities.