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Wednesday August 7th, 20019 

Up Coming Activities


Lunch Time  

Hello Friends,

WOW here is August...another HOT month, be sure to stay cool and
hydrated during this hot part of the year.

Our next dinner meeting will be on Thursday, August 15, at 6:00 PM at
the Alpha Pizza House, 1312 Apollo Beach Blvd., Apollo Beach.  Please
remember to  so Alpha can be prepared to
accommodate us.

We will be going to the Der Dutchman Amish Restaurant on August 10 and
if you desire to go with us, and have not reserved, please let us know
by August 5 at .

At our meeting, we will discuss our September 14 visit to the Keel &
Curley Winery in Plant City.  They have a great wine list for sale and
a delicious menu to chose from for a wonderful meal.

Wednesday, August 7 is the LGBTA and Friends Mingle at Ricky's in
Apollo Beach with music by our member Cyndi Burger.  Last month Cyndi
saw a large increase in new people attending her fun evening.
Remember, join Cyndi at Ricky's from 7-9 PM, you will have a great
time and hear all the songs you remember!

Saturday, August 24 is our next game night at the 2020 Building in
Kings Point from 5-9 PM.
As usual we provide ice, plates, cups, plastic ware and napkins.  We
ask you bring a snack to share with friends and a drink for yourself.
If you live outside Kings Point, we need your name at the gate in
Kings Point.

We have noticed the last few months that the attendance at game night
has dwindled.  We are curious if there is a particular reason for this
and if there is, we need to see if we can make changes to get us back
to the larger group that seemed to love to play.  We are requesting
that you TEXT Ray 2 at 847-346-4567 and let him know your thoughts on
the ways we can increase the interest of the night  Looking forward to
hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Remember to visit our website at  to
keep up to date on our activities.  Hope to see you at one or more of
our events....Lots happening!!


Diversity Outing 

LGBTA and Friends Mingle  









Apollo Beach FL   

5:00 to 9:00 PM 

Saturday August 24th, 2019

7:00 to 9:00 PM 

2020 Building, Kings Point Sun City Center FL

Saturday, August 10th 2019 

 Der Dutchman Amish Restaurant 

6:00 PM

Game Night 

Please send all RSVP's to the following email address:  rsvpdiversity@yahoo.comIn your RSVP, you must specify which event and how many attendees

Alpha Pizza House 1312 Apollo Beach Blvd., Apollo Beach 


Diversity Dinner and Meeting 

Thursday, August 15th  


Please supply your name to Howard if you do not live in Kings Point

See below for details.   

Please see the August  greeting below for all details of this month's and future activities.