For everyone looking for something to do, places to go, special deals/discount admissions, go to:

This is excellent one-stop shopping for knowing what's going on in the Tampa metro area.

For Foodies! 


Reminders for Members:

Try the AnnaMaria Oyster house or Ferrara's in Ellenton !!

Inside & outside seating on the water, at the Oyster house with good sea food, great home cooked Italian meals at Ferrara's. Both places are reasonably priced and have a home town feel.  If you want something closer try Alpha Pizza House in Apollo Beach, good food and prices are good too. 

Out & About!

  • Please be sure to RSVP to our group activities. This is particularly important when we have any restaurant activity (including our own meetings). An accurate head count must be provided to the restaurants for table setup, staff scheduling & food preparation. Required RSVP by dates are on the calendar in red.
  • Additional activities & suggestions are always welcome during our meetings or you can use the Get in Touch With Us form above.